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Why use a Discount Agent to sell your home?

The Austin market is a great place to be a homeowner and right now is an even better time to be selling your home.

In most case, when selling your home you will want the job done efficiently, with the least amount of hassle and to get the most profit possible out of your sale.

If you are in this position for the first time, consider these points as to why you should you use a realtor.


Agent commission VS the sale of the home

At first a realtor’s commission payment may seem like a chunk of change coming out of your sale profit.   This is true as an isolated statement, and potentially you could save a few thousand dollars by making the sale alone.

The problem is getting to the sale on your own.

Not only will potential buyers be more wary of buying from and working with a homeowner rather than a qualified, certified agent, if your house is priced incorrectly it could cost you a lot more than a commission price.

Imagine the agony of having your house sit stale on the market for 6 to 8 months or longer while you continue to maintain the property and pay Insurance, HOA fees and taxes on a vacant home. In this case, home sellers are usually forced to lower their sale price over and over again until the sale can be completed.

Or, on the other hand, having incorrect information on the current market value of your home you sell your house for an under market price and realize after the fact that you could have easily sold for a few thousand or tens of thousands more. It hurts just to write that.

Your realtor should be well versed in marketing your home, then negotiating and closing the sale of your home for you. They will be able to quote you the correct market value that your home is in, making the sale happen in the shortest amount of time possible.

In this way they have earned their commission back and potentially given you more profit than you would have had in trying to sell your home yourself.

Here at Austin Discount Real Estate we not only do all of the above, but we also offer to take a lower commission to make the deal a little sweeter, so you as the home buyer have nothing to lose.


Your time, your money, your problem

We have already discussed the potential money loss of trying to sell your home yourself and now we will look at the other most valuable resource at stake. Time.

We know time is money and we can save you a lot of both.

The thought of showing your house and getting the word out there that your house is even on the market may sound easy, but it can become a full time job in itself.

The real estate agent can add your listing to the MLS system, putting it on the radar for thousands of other agents with ready and willing qualified buyers waiting to purchase houses like the one you are selling.

Agents also have other tools and resources at their disposal to present and market your house in its most desirable light.

For example, here at Austin Discount Real Estate we offer professional video clips of your home as well as well as pictures, staging recommendations, and an email blast to our already huge and well established client base of buyers and investors to get your home sold as fast as possible.

The other most common downfall for individuals selling their own homes is the stress and legalities involved. Real estate borders a very fine line between sales and law and as a result there are a massive amount of rules and regulations to abide by in such transactions. Getting caught up in a lawsuit while trying to sell your home could cost you more money and distress than you bargained for.

This is a large part of why real estate agents have to be licensed, to know these rules and give you piece of mind while connecting you with a buyer and saving you time, stress and money.

If you are putting your house on the market or already have and are trying to sell on your own, consider sitting down with us here at Austin Discount Real Estate for a free consultation today.

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