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Transaction Coordinating

Transaction Coordinating Included

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Transaction Coordinating is the important organization provided while your property is in escrow. A Transaction Coordinator services the contract ensuring all details and dates are met.  In any contract you need to have someone focused on the timelines and organizing the professionals involved. Great REALTOR’S strengths are typically focused on marketing, sales, negotiation points, arising problems, and getting the transaction closed. REALTOR’s are solution selling experts and I am convinced that every successful real estate agent uses a transaction coordinator to ensure nothing is overlooked and customer service is at it’s highest. Having a Transaction Coordinator involved gives the clients involved peace of mind, eliminates mistakes and adds many advantages. Enjoy the services of a professional real estate team.


What your Transaction Coordinator will do to help ensure you have a stress free real estate transaction.

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    Transaction Coordinating

    Review contract for completeness before submittal

  • Email scanned contract documents to parties listed in the contract.
  • Gather and organize needed paperwork pending closing.
  • Set up calendar reminders for important contract dates.
  • Summarize and email contract details in an easy to read format to all parties involved.
  • Schedule and coordinate inspections when needed.
  • Order home warranty if required.
  • Confirm all disclosures required are signed and filed.
  • Schedule and coordinate closing time for the buyer/ Seller.
  • Email closing steps to buyer/seller.
  • Advise buyer/seller what to bring to closing.
  • Post-Closing processes, sign/ads removal, keys, non real estate transactions agreements.
  • Task reminders (Title Policy, Surveys, Disclosures, Addendum etc)
  • Coordinate Disbursement Authorization process and final information.

*Remember our transaction coordinating is already included. There is no cost to you!

– FSBO Transaction Coordinating service

When dealing with an FSBO we have a better solution…

(Residential & Commercial Property)


transaction coordinating with an FSBO

Fsbo Transaction Coordinating

9 times out of 10, an FSBO will gladly work with a transaction coordinator if requested by the buyer. We split the fee between the buyer and the seller, or just have the seller pay a flat fee through closing. We draw up all the state required paperwork between the buyer and the seller. Since we are licensed we are legally required to represent a side, or we can act as an intermediary in the transaction.  Our fiduciary duties require a fair and honest handling of the transaction, which ensures organization and professionalism. We only offer this service when an informal property sale agreement between a buyer and seller has already informally been agreed. As an unbiased, professional third party, we collect your informal agreement details and write up the official agreement. This service has been very popular and obviously puts all parties at ease in the transaction. Contact us for any further details.


Our Transaction Coordinating fee is already included with our seller and buyer representation service, and deducted from from our agreed commission with the seller. . Since FSBOs are not offering a commission we charge a fee as seen below, that is disclosed and agreed upon by both properties.

Our FSBO transaction coordinating Fees are: 670.00 (Sales contract price of 250,000.00 and below)

1400.00 (House sale’s contract price of 250K- 500K)

3,400.00 (500K and up)

FSBO Commercial Transaction Coordinating fee is assessed on a case to case basis.

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